You have been doing this a long time and are ready to let a trusted partner take your business to the next level. You want to take some chips off the table, but remain committed to the future success of your business.

Skyway will purchase the majority of your company and deliver sizeable cash proceeds to you. You will have a continued equity ownership and a role in the ongoing evolution of the business.

The benefits of such a transaction are considerable for both you and Skyway. You will have achieved personal liquidity without retiring. You will be able to diversify your net worth, address estate considerations and be freed from the burden of personal guarantees. You will also have partnered with a strong financial partner that has the ability to fund the future growth of the business. Skyway will benefit from the continued cohesion of the corporate culture and the insights of the person who knows the company best.

Aligned as equity partners, Skyway and you will endeavor to deliver on a plan to scale the business and ultimately exit when the time is right, allowing you to benefit from the appreciation of your remaining equity stake which often is more valuable than the cash delivered at the initial recapitalization.

You are planning on retiring or moving on to your next endeavor and would like to completely monetize the company you have built. You want to hand over the reins to someone who understands your business, has the capability to take it to the next level, and has the capital to pay you a fair value today for what you have created.

Skyway has the sector knowledge and operational expertise attuned to the needs of your business. Additionally, we have a broad network of operational advisors and partners that can assist us where needed to make an orderly transition of the business. Our readily accessible fund advisors and network of operators developed over nearly two decades working with lower middle market businesses have successfully led and advised companies with revenues ranging from $10 million to $500 million.

You believe industry consolidation is the right strategic direction for your company but you don’t want to bet all that you have created trying to learn the acquisition process. You’ve identified a bigger fish and need the capital and transaction expertise to help you get to the finish line.

If you are a leading owner-operator of a business that competes in a fragmented industry and believe there will be significant benefits from consolidation and you wish to avoid risking all of your own capital to engineer the consolidation Skyway can leverage its significant consolidation experience to assist you with your growth through acquisition.
Our principals have successfully integrated XX businesses acquired in our previous investment vehicles and have a deep understanding of the operational efficiencies that can be created with scale. Transactions of this nature can exhibit many of the same benefits of a where you receive personal liquidity, a meaningful equity stake, and retain a partner that has the capital and expertise to help you obtain your vision for the business. You will also have the opportunity to earn more of the combined entity by successfully reaching management incentives as the company grows. Executed properly, your smaller piece of a larger pie can be significantly more valuable than your business as it currently stands. Skyway can help you get there.

You have the skills and desire to take a business you have worked in or identified to the next level but lack the capital to purchase control of a company you know well.

Skyway can help you affect a management buyout, which will give you the opportunity to gain direct equity ownership of their business. As your financial partner, Skyway will provide the capital to purchase the business from the current owner while leaving you in place to manage the business. All of your investment in the transaction will be vested and you will have the opportunity to develop significant personal wealth through additional vesting and the accretion in the value of the business as we work together to scale the business.

You have a close relationship with a business owner who sits in one of the aforementioned situational buckets. You know a company that is ready for a transaction, but would like some initial feedback on the right type of buyer for the business.

All of Skyway’s principals have experience in providing investment banking advisory services to companies in the Lower Middle Market and understand the value that a trusted advisor can bring to the deal making process. If the opportunity is right for us, we will pay cash finder’s fees for proprietary introductions that end in closed transactions. If the opportunity doesn’t fit our requirements, we will offer some connections from our broad network of capital relationships that are more suitable for the opportunity presented. Either way, you can count on Skyway to provide you timely and thoughtful feedback on the opportunity at hand.